Zuckerberg defends decision to not suspend Bannon after Twitter move

Face­book CEO Mark Zucker­berg on Thurs­day defend­ed his deci­sion not to remove Steve Ban­non from the plat­form fol­low­ing his sus­pen­sion from Twitter.

At an all-staff meet­ing, Zucker­berg said that Ban­non was not removed after call­ing for the behead­ing of two U.S. offi­cials because he had not vio­lat­ed enough of the company’s poli­cies, accord­ing to a record­ing of the meet­ing heard by Reuters.

“We have spe­cif­ic rules around how many times you need to vio­late cer­tain poli­cies before we will deac­ti­vate your account com­plete­ly,” Zucker­berg said, accord­ing to the news out­let. “While the offens­es here, I think, came close to cross­ing that line, they clear­ly did not cross the line.”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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