YouTube Bans Right Side Broadcasting For Criticizing Election process

Every­one needs to drop big tech like we did. Build your net­work on your own plat­form. Play by your own rules. Pop­ulist Press will nev­er be con­trolled by Big Tech.

After hit piece yes­ter­day, YouTube used that as an excuse to tar­get free speech yet again.

Right Side Broad­cast­ing Net­work (RSBN) has cov­ered almost every sin­gle Trump appear­ance, inter­view or ral­ly since it was first launched in July 2015, and has been endorsed by the Pres­i­dent-elect himself.

While there was spec­u­la­tion that Mr Trump would launch an offi­cial Trump TV if he lost the elec­tion, the Wash­ing­ton Post said RSBN was oper­at­ing as “the unof­fi­cial ver­sion of Trump TV” after the billionaire’s cam­paign teamed up with the net­work to stream its pro­grammes on Mr Trump’s Face­book page.

But with a YouTube chan­nel of 246,000 sub­scribers — MSNBC only has 233,000 — RSBN became a cred­i­ble resource for Trump sup­port­ers, jour­nal­ists and report­ed­ly even mem­bers of the Clin­ton cam­paign who want­ed con­ve­nient access to Mr Trump’s ral­ly speech­es in full.

This week, RSBN front­man and for­mer reporter Adam Tax­in gave a “spe­cial announce­ment” in which he declared the net­work would be run­ning a full 24-hour oper­a­tion “before the end of 2016”.

He said he would be get­ting a four-night-a-week news pro­gramme, RSBN Tonight, along­side a suite of oth­er planned programming.

And Mr Seales, speak­ing dur­ing the network’s live cov­er­age of Mr Trump’s “Thank You” ral­ly in North Car­oli­na on Tues­day night, revealed that he expects the net­work to “be in the White House” and “be at the press brief­in­gs” from 20 Jan­u­ary onwards.

“Any­thing that Trump does live we will be there,” Mr Seales said, accord­ing to a Salon report. “We will be there at the inau­gu­ra­tion, we will be in the White House, we will be at the press brief­in­gs. I promise you that. You can count on Right Side Broadcasting.”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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