YouTube Bans Right Side Broadcasting For Criticizing Election process

Everyone needs to drop big tech like we did. Build your network on your own platform. Play by your own rules. Populist Press will never be controlled by Big Tech.

After hit piece yesterday, YouTube used that as an excuse to target free speech yet again.

Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) has covered almost every single Trump appearance, interview or rally since it was first launched in July 2015, and has been endorsed by the President-elect himself.

While there was speculation that Mr Trump would launch an official Trump TV if he lost the election, the Washington Post said RSBN was operating as “the unofficial version of Trump TV” after the billionaire’s campaign teamed up with the network to stream its programmes on Mr Trump’s Facebook page.

But with a YouTube channel of 246,000 subscribers — MSNBC only has 233,000 — RSBN became a credible resource for Trump supporters, journalists and reportedly even members of the Clinton campaign who wanted convenient access to Mr Trump’s rally speeches in full.

This week, RSBN frontman and former reporter Adam Taxin gave a “special announcement” in which he declared the network would be running a full 24-hour operation “before the end of 2016”.

He said he would be getting a four-night-a-week news programme, RSBN Tonight, alongside a suite of other planned programming.

And Mr Seales, speaking during the network’s live coverage of Mr Trump’s “Thank You” rally in North Carolina on Tuesday night, revealed that he expects the network to “be in the White House” and “be at the press briefings” from 20 January onwards.

“Anything that Trump does live we will be there,” Mr Seales said, according to a Salon report. “We will be there at the inauguration, we will be in the White House, we will be at the press briefings. I promise you that. You can count on Right Side Broadcasting.”

















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