Working Class Hispanics Keep Texas Red

On Octo­ber 29, Time pub­lished, “Yes, Texas Could Go Blue This Year. Here’s What We Know About Biden’s Chances — and What We Don’t.”

The mag­a­zine said, “Two of the most respect­ed prog­nos­ti­ca­tors — the Cook Polit­i­cal Report and Inside Elec­tions — both shift­ed Texas from lean­ing or tilt­ing Repub­li­can to a gen­uine toss up, while the Uni­ver­si­ty of Virginia’s Lar­ry Saba­to places it in Leans Repub­li­can, just one cat­e­go­ry to the right. These rat­ings in them­selves are extra­or­di­nary, giv­en that the state has been reli­ably red for decades. The Biden cam­paign clear­ly rec­og­nizes the oppor­tu­ni­ty, announc­ing that vice pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Kamala Har­ris will trav­el to Texas on Friday.”


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