‘wonderpill’ significantly cuts risk of heart attack, stroke

HAMILTON, Ontario — There’s good news for indi­vid­u­als look­ing for an inex­pen­sive way to ensure a health­i­er heart. A “won­der­pill” dai­ly tablet con­tain­ing four med­i­cines can almost halve the risk of a heart attack or stroke and save mil­lions of lives, a study shows.

The cheap polyp­ill, cost­ing just pen­nies, is a cock­tail of three blood pres­sure drugs and a lipid low­er­ing med­ica­tion. When tak­en with blood-thin­ning aspirin it cut car­diac arrests and brain hem­or­rhages by 40 per­cent. “This is the start of a trans­for­ma­tion­al approach to pre­vent­ing heart dis­ease,” says in a uni­ver­si­ty release. “We could save mil­lions of peo­ple from expe­ri­enc­ing seri­ous heart dis­ease or stroke each year with effec­tive use of the polyp­ill and aspirin.



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