Here is Why U.S. Nuclear Force Modernization Must Happen

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1st Lt. Claire Wal­do, 12th Mis­sile Squadron mis­sile com­bat crew com­man­der, con­ducts a dry-run for a test launch in the Launch Con­trol Cen­ter Feb. 3, 2020, at Van­den­berg Air Force Base.
With Rus­sia and Chi­na still pos­ing an exis­ten­tial threat to the Unit­ed States because of its large nuclear force, and North Korea and Iran eager to become strate­gic nuclear pow­ers, com­bined with the increas­ing age of the US nuclear forces, nuclear mod­ern­iza­tion is a top item on America’s defense pol­i­cy and spend­ing agenda.
The man over­see­ing the ICBM force is tak­ing to our pages to remind Amer­i­cans of the compelling …


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