Biden Climate Czar Faults Texas for “Failing to Connect to National Power Grid”

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In a Fri­day inter­view with the Asso­ci­at­ed Press, White House cli­mate advi­sor Gina McCarthy harsh­ly crit­i­cized offi­cials in Texas for fail­ing to prop­er­ly pro­tect their res­i­dents from pow­er out­ages in the face of last week’s cat­a­stroph­ic win­ter storm, and warned that such storms were like­ly to become a more com­mon event in the future. Specif­i­cal­ly, McCarthy fault­ed Texas for not being con­nect­ed to the nation­al pow­er grid, which she blamed for the extent of the pow­er out­ages. At least 40 peo­ple died dur­ing the storm, and a num­ber of those deaths are believed to have been caused specif­i­cal­ly by pow­er outages. ” …


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