White House: Biden didn’t prejudge mounted Border Patrol agents when he said ‘they’ll pay’

President Joe Biden hasn’t derailed an investigation into mounted Border Patrol agents seen pursuing Haitian migrants who had illegally crossed the southern border.
“The president was not prejudging the outcome of the investigation,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday. “The president was responding from his heart and responding to seeing horrific photos.”
Psaki said she doubted whether “anyone” who saw those photos would not “have a similar reaction to the president.” She described Biden’s response as “very human and visceral.”
“There is an investigation the Department of Homeland Security is overseeing that will determine what the personnel decisions may be, any other policy decisions, and that needs to see itself through,” she said. “The president wanted to make clear to people who watched those photos, who had understandably emotional responses, that that’s not acceptable to him.”
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