Whistleblower describes Biden vote factory in signed affidavit

A sec­ond sworn affi­davit from a whistle­blow­er who was an elec­tion work­er in Clark Coun­ty, Neva­da, claims mail-in bal­lots were improp­er­ly filled out in a Biden-Har­ris van out­side a polling place.

A redact­ed copy of the affi­davit signed on Nov. 8 and obtained by the Wash­ing­ton Exam­in­er puts weight behind some of the claims first detailed by Amer­i­can Con­ser­v­a­tive Union Pres­i­dent Matt Schlapp, who is help­ing lead the charge for the president’s legal efforts in Neva­da. In a Sun­day press con­fer­ence, Schlapp said that an elec­tion work­er saw a van “marked Biden-Har­ris” with open bal­lots inside.

The whistle­blow­er, who worked as a poll work­er from Oct. 17–30, com­plained about a Biden-Har­ris bus or van that was often sta­tioned out­side the polling place that would often have “speak­ers, dancers, music and oth­er fes­tiv­i­ties going on” and whose orga­niz­ers had to be told “sev­er­al times a day” to “stay 100 feet from the polling loca­tion.” He also said that vot­ers with­out prop­er iden­ti­fi­ca­tion were per­mit­ted to cast pro­vi­sion­al ballots.

The biggest shock claim, though, dealt with improp­er­ly filled out bal­lots in the van belong­ing to sup­port­ers of pre­sump­tive Pres­i­dent-elect Joe Biden, whom he saw while on a lunch break walk on Oct. 28 or 29.

“I per­son­al­ly wit­nessed two peo­ple hand­ing mul­ti­ple unopened mail in bal­lot envelopes to two oth­er peo­ple who then opened and filled out the bal­lots against the side of the Biden/Harris van,” the affi­davit said. “The same two peo­ple who marked the bal­lots then put the marked bal­lots in offi­cial pink and white envelopes. These peo­ple were not poll workers.”.…

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