Jeff Davidson: What Drives the Global Elite on Their Maniacal Mission

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When you con­sid­er what has hap­pened in the Unit­ed States in the last nine months, incred­i­bly, it does­n’t even seem like our own nation any­more. Peo­ple riot­ing in the streets dur­ing the sum­mer are described by the lamestream media as “peace­ful pro­test­ers.” Dis­trict Attor­neys let hard­ened crim­i­nals out of jail. Gram­mar schools indoc­tri­nate our chil­dren, teach­ing them to hate Amer­i­ca. The Lunatics are Run­ning the Asy­lum­Gov­er­nors man­date lock­downs of their cit­i­zens while fla­grant­ly break­ing their own rules. A pres­i­den­tial admin­is­tra­tion, run by who knows who, is under­min­ing the “1776 Project” — which was designed to offer a bal­anced per­spec­tive on American …


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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