‘We Build The Wall’ was closing BIG $$$ smuggling route… Then SDNY stopped it.…

We are learning more about what may be another motive in the politically motivated attacks on WBTW and their leadership. Leaked documents show that We Build The Wall was in communication with DHS to close the Anapra gap in New Mexico which is one of the most valuable smuggling routes to cartel smugglers.

The Anapra gap is where thousands of people have poured in daily and billions of dollars of illicit street drugs. In fact WBTW posted video of the smuggling that was happening here many times.

Today the gap remains wide open and is being over run again by cartels.

Here is the leaked documents on the survey report that WBTW had completed per DHS requirements to build the wall.

READ THIS: Anapra — WBTW — Final Wall Historical Survey Report


Video of the Anapra gap where Brian Kolfage and his team went undercover to expose the smuggling route.




















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