PICS & VID- Major Smuggling Route Protected By Dem Elite

Bri­an Kolfage founder of the incred­i­bly suc­cess­ful We Build The Wall cam­paign which was tar­get­ed by the cor­rupt SDNY with 100% BOGUS charges gave us insid­er info on where the ille­gal alien surge is bust­ing through into the US right now.

The loca­tion is known as the Anapra gap in Sun­land Park New Mex­i­co about 2 miles away from their first bor­der wall gap filler. Bri­an stat­ed that this loca­tion was slat­ed to be built by them just before the cor­rupt SDNY stopped them dead in their tracks. This gap is a major drug route into the heart of EL PASO  which allows for them to get away eas­i­ly with stash hous­es everywhere.

His intel sources on the ground stat­ed the surge is hap­pen­ing now and they are flow­ing across the bor­der at record num­bers again. 1500 Cuban migrants are demand­ing cit­i­zen­ship from biden and to be let in freely with­in 30 days, if they dont get their way they said they will rush the gap and come in at any cost.

Bri­an and his team exposed this smug­gling route in 2019, and today its still wide open. Fol­low the mon­ey… Fol­low the bogus charges from the SDNY…Brian and his crew were marked men for try­ing to stop this.

We believe the SDNY work­ing with cor­rupt democ­rats want­ed to keep these major smug­gling routes open, and after We Build The Wall shut their oth­er route down they became tar­get­ed from the peo­ple with mon­ey. The car­tels, democ­rats and the elite con­trol every­thing and they made sure We Build The Wall would not get their chance to close their oth­er route.

Along this path is even hid­den Bunkers that Bri­an Kolfage dis­cov­ered, where ille­gals pack  inside until agents leave then they run across into the US. (SEE PICS)

Bunker along US bor­der used by smug­glers going into El Paso
Bunker along US bor­der used by smug­glers going into El Paso



Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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