Oregon Teacher LOSES IT – Flips Out at Anti-Lockdown Protesters

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A woman dri­ving by an anti-lock­down protest in Bend, Ore., com­plete­ly flipped out, telling pro­tes­tors “I’m a teacher!” and “kill yourself!“Pulling up to the protest, she stopped her car, pulled down her mask, and leaned out the win­dow, before shout­ing at the pro­tes­tors. “Bitch, kill your­self!” She screamed. “I’m a f—king teacher! I work at school! F—k you! F—k you! I am a f—king teacher! My stu­dents’ fam­i­lies are dying!” The pro­tes­tors chant­ed “USA” at her as she con­tin­ued on her unhinged rant.Once she becomes aware that she’s being filmed, she waves and says “hi,” before con­tin­u­ing her rant and dri­ving off. The …


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