WATCH: Joy Reid says Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson are ‘anti-vax’ ‘white nationalists’ after they support rap star Nicki Minaj

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On Thursday night, MSNBC host Joy Reid let her latest opinions about the Nicki Minaj saga fly, calling out Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson for being white nationalists and anti-vaxxers that cheer on Minaj only because they want her in their camp. “But the worst part of all this honestly is not even the personal attacks. The worst part is who is enjoying this so much. People like white nationalist curious, Viktor Orban enthusiasts, and no friend of hip hop or non white people period, Tucker Carlson,” said Reid in Thursday’s episode of The Reid Out.“Nicki Minaj endorsed this clip of his yesterday where he praises her for ‘enraging the political …

















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