WAR ROOM: ‘We Are Headed Toward Fascism’

Dr. Shi­va Ayyadu­rai says the U.S. is head­ed towards fas­cism because of Big Tech.

“We are in many ways head­ed toward fas­cism because the state and the gov­ern­ment dic­tate to these pri­vate com­pa­nies how to con­trol com­mu­ni­ca­tions,” Dr. Shi­va said.

Dr. Shi­va explains how the founders envi­sioned the postal ser­vice as fun­da­men­tal to secur­ing the First Amendment.

“We have out­sourced our infra­struc­ture at least to three major com­pa­nies in soft­ware, Google, Face­book, and Twit­ter,” he said. “There was sup­posed to be a pub­lic commons.”

“Big tech is a ruse,” Dr. Shi­va said. “Gov­ern­ment has nev­er gone after Big Tech because it needs them.”

The MIT sci­en­tist also pro­vid­ed an update on his law­suit against Mass­a­chu­setts, where he dis­cov­ered state offi­cials delet­ing bal­lot images.


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