US Supreme Court Refuses Landmark COVID Case

How to Fix the United States' Weaponized Judiciary

RENO — The U.S. Supreme Court on Mon­day refused a rur­al Neva­da church’s request to enter a legal bat­tle over the government’s author­i­ty to lim­it the size of reli­gious gath­er­ings amid the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic — after the church won an appeals court rul­ing last month that found Nevada’s restric­tions unconstitutional.

Attor­neys gen­er­al from 19 oth­er states had recent­ly joined in sup­port of the unusu­al request from Cal­vary Chapel Day­ton Val­ley east of Reno.

They were urg­ing the Supreme Court to rule on the mer­its of the Neva­da case to help bring uni­for­mi­ty to var­i­ous stan­dards courts across the coun­try have used to bal­ance the inter­ests of pub­lic safe­ty and free­dom of religion.


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