Update On Special Counsel Investigation Into Hunter Biden

A new TIPP poll found that the over­whelm­ing major­i­ty of Amer­i­cans – includ­ing Democ­rats – favor appoint­ing a spe­cial coun­sel for Pres­i­dent Biden’s son Hunter.

68 per­cent of Amer­i­cans expressed sup­port for Attor­ney Gen­er­al Mer­rick Gar­land to appoint a spe­cial coun­sel for Biden fam­i­ly mem­bers in response to the fol­low­ing question:

“Pres­i­dent Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and Pres­i­dent Biden’s broth­er, James Biden, are alleged­ly under fed­er­al inves­ti­ga­tion for tax and finan­cial mat­ters. Do you agree or dis­agree that Attor­ney Gen­er­al Mer­rick Gar­land should appoint a spe­cial coun­sel to man­age their cas­es inde­pen­dent­ly of the Biden administration?”

42 per­cent agreed strong­ly, 26 per­cent agreed some­what, 7 per­cent dis­agreed some­what, and 6 per­cent dis­agreed strong­ly. An addi­tion­al 18 per­cent were uncertain.

The poll also found that 85 per­cent of Repub­li­cans sup­port the appoint­ment of a spe­cial coun­sel, as do 65 per­cent of Democ­rats and 66 per­cent of independents.

The over­whelm­ing sup­port for an inves­ti­ga­tion into the finan­cial affairs of Hunter Biden fol­lows exten­sive report­ing – includ­ing exclu­sive exposés by The Nation­al Pulse – into the president’s sons cor­rupt busi­ness deal­ings with for­eign coun­tries and com­mu­nist regimes.


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