USS John Finn Scores a Bullseye With Guided Missile With the Help of Unmanned Systems, Passive Sensors

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A Raytheon SM‑6 launched from an Aegis guid­ed-mis­sile destroy­er. US Navy Photo
Using a blend of infor­ma­tion from unmanned and manned ships and air­craft, a guid­ed-mis­sile destroy­er launched an anti-sur­face mis­sile from over-the-hori­zon to hit a tar­get more than 250 miles away with­out using active sen­sors as part of the Unmanned Inte­grat­ed Bat­tle Prob­lem 21, Navy offi­cials said on Monday.
The tar­get was equipped with a small radar reflec­tor and a repeater that put out an elec­tro­mag­net­ic sig­nal. The sig­nal from the repeater was detectable by sen­sors on the uncrewed air­craft and manned and unmanned sur­face ves­sels, said Car­ri­er Strike Group 3 commander …


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