November 20, 2020 10:16 PM

After reporting that Dominion Voting Systems shared an office floor with the George Soros-affiliated Tides Foundation, further investigations revealed more concerning associations between the Toronto-based elections vendor and other left-wing organizations.

We spoke to building agents while posing as prospective tenants, and while undercover we learned that the building where the supposedly impartial Dominion Voting Systems operates is actually an incubator for social justice groups and causes.

As it turns out, Dominion Voting shares a mailroom with not just the Tides Foundation, but also Jantzi Sustainalytics — a corporate governance watchdog; Springtide Resources — a non-violent crisis intervention and anti-domestic violence agency which eded its programming in March 2020; AWID — a gender activist group; Teach for Canada — Indigenous activist teachers; and AV Communications — a minority-focused advertising agency.

The list goes on… but the anchor tenant of the building remains Dominion Voting. Given this information, how can anyone consider the election vendor to be impartial and neutral?

Dominion Voting has come under fire after their vote tabulation machines created a 6,000 vote swing in a single Michigan state county. The same machines and software were used in every single county in Georgia and in several other swing states that just sent their electoral votes to Joe Biden (for now).