Two Yemenis On FBI Terrorism Watch List Apprehended at Border

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El Cen­tro Sec­tor Bor­der Patrol agents arrest­ed two Yemeni nation­als who ille­gal­ly crossed the bor­der into the U.S. in sep­a­rate inci­dents dur­ing the past two months. Agents iden­ti­fied both men as being on the FBI’s Ter­ror­ism Watch List and the No-Fly list.
Agents assigned to the El Cen­tro Bor­der Patrol Sta­tion on March 30 arrest­ed a migrant for ille­gal­ly enter­ing the Unit­ed States approx­i­mate­ly two miles west of the Calex­i­co Port of Entry. The agents trans­port­ed the man to the El Cen­tro Pro­cess­ing Cen­ter where all migrants under­go a bio­met­ric back­ground inves­ti­ga­tion and crim­i­nal back­ground check, accord­ing to information …


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