Two More Major Retailers Drop Mask Requirement

After Populist.Press report­ed on Fri­day that Trad­er Joes was no longer requir­ing masks in their stores, two more major mas­sive retail­ers joined them — Wal­mart and Cost­co. How­ev­er, with these lat­ter two stores, there’s a catch.

Vac­ci­nat­ed shop­pers can go mask­less imme­di­ate­ly, the com­pa­ny said. Vac­ci­nat­ed work­ers can stop wear­ing them on Tues­day. As an incen­tive, Wal­mart said it is offer­ing work­ers $75 if they prove they’ve been vaccinated.

Cus­tomers won’t be asked but rather held to an “hon­or sys­tem” regard­ing their vac­ci­na­tion sta­tus, Wal­mart said. Work­ers, how­ev­er, will need to answer “yes” to a vac­ci­na­tion ques­tion in a dai­ly health assess­ment in order to go mask­less, the com­pa­ny said in a memo to employ­ees post­ed on its website.

“Integri­ty is one of our core val­ues, and we trust that asso­ciates will respect that prin­ci­ple when answer­ing,” the memo states. To get the bonus, work­ers will have to show their orig­i­nal vac­ci­na­tion certificate.

The com­pa­ny based in Ben­tonville, Arkansas, not­ed it is offer­ing vac­cines at its more than 5,100 Wal­mart and Sam’s Club phar­ma­cies, and through spe­cial events. Wal­mart is the nation’s largest employ­er with rough­ly 1.5 mil­lion work­ers in the U.S. includ­ing those at Sam’s Club, dis­tri­b­u­tion cen­ters and in cor­po­rate and man­age­r­i­al jobs.



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