Two far-left activists convicted of interfering with track control systems in Washington

Last year I wrote about two far-left activists who had been caught tam­per­ing with train tracks near Belling­ham, Wash­ing­ton. Saman­tha Frances Brooks, 24, and Ellen Bren­nan Reiche, 28, were caught plac­ing what is called a shunt on the tracks. A shunt is basi­cal­ly just a piece of wire which is con­nect­ed from one side of the track to the oth­er. That action mim­ics the elec­tri­cal sig­nal that is gen­er­at­ed when a train pass­es over the tracks and con­fus­es the auto­mat­ic con­trol sys­tem which is designed to pre­vent trains from crash­ing into one another.As I not­ed when the pair were caught, there had been more than 40 such shunts were placed on tracks near­ly Belling­ham last year. In one case a train car­ry­ing haz­ardous mate­ri­als was fooled into …


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