Twitter Is Preparing Extreme Censorship Of Conservatives

It clear, Twit­ter does not want con­ser­v­a­tives to be on their site now more than ever before. They have not been held to account and feel free to con­trol the nar­ra­tive and elec­tion out­comes how­ev­er they wish.

News­busters reports:

Twit­ter Safe­ty is rolling out new dystopi­an poli­cies to reg­u­late the speech of its users.

Big Tech wants Amer­i­cans to exchange their free­doms for false guar­an­tees of “safe­ty.” “Today, we’re expand­ing our hate­ful con­duct pol­i­cy to address lan­guage that dehu­man­izes peo­ple on the basis of race, eth­nic­i­ty, or nation­al ori­gin,” the offi­cial Twit­ter Safe­ty account declared in a Dec. 2 thread. Twit­ter jus­ti­fied these changes by claim­ing: “Research shows that dehu­man­iz­ing speech can lead to real-world harm, and we want to ensure that more people—globally—are protected.”

Twit­ter Safe­ty includ­ed a link to Twitter’s “Updat­ing our rules against hate­ful con­duct” blog. The blog described a vari­ety of ways Twit­ter will crush rhetoric its mod­er­a­tors find offensive:

“We will require Tweets like those below to be removed from Twit­ter when they are report­ed to us. We will also con­tin­ue to sur­face poten­tial­ly viola­tive con­tent through proac­tive detec­tion and automa­tion. If an account repeat­ed­ly breaks the Twit­ter Rules, we may tem­porar­i­ly lock or sus­pend the account; more on our range of enforce­ment options here.”
Twit­ter is being pushed to become more and more cen­so­ri­ous by a coali­tion of far-left groups, as Twit­ter Safe­ty acknowl­edged: “To help keep more peo­ple safe, we’ll con­tin­ue our work with glob­al third-par­ty experts to fur­ther expand this pol­i­cy, and update you along the way.”

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