Trump Warns Democrats Want Socialism and ‘Communistic Form of Government’

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Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump warned vot­ers that Democ­rats are eager to imple­ment social­ism in Amer­i­ca and will be one step clos­er to doing so if they win con­trol of the Sen­ate in January.

“The vot­ers of Geor­gia will deter­mine which par­ty runs every com­mit­tee, writes every piece of leg­is­la­tion, con­trol every sin­gle tax­pay­er dol­lar,” the pres­i­dent said on Dec. 5. “Very sim­ply, you will decide whether your chil­dren grow up in a social­ist coun­try or whether they will grow up in a free country.

“And I will tell you this, social­ist is just the begin­ning for these peo­ple. These peo­ple want to go fur­ther than social­ism, they want to go into a com­mu­nis­tic form of gov­ern­ment, and I have no doubt about it.”
Speak­ing to the thou­sands of sup­port­ers gath­ered at Valdosta …

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