Trump: Election ‘Greatest Theft in History of America’

Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump appears to be nowhere close to con­ced­ing the pres­i­den­tial elec­tion to for­mer Vice Pres­i­dent Joe Biden, accord­ing to a new inter­view in The New York Post.

But on Sun­day, Trump tweet­ed “he won,” appar­ent­ly in ref­er­ence to Biden.

“He won because the Elec­tion was Rigged,” Trump wrote on Twit­ter. “NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tab­u­lat­ed by a Rad­i­cal Left pri­vate­ly owned com­pa­ny, Domin­ion, with a bad rep­u­ta­tion & bum equip­ment that couldn’t even qual­i­fy for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!”

In a sto­ry pub­lished Sat­ur­day night, Trump told Post colum­nist Michael Good­win that the election“was stolen.”

“It was a rigged elec­tion, 100 per­cent, and every­one knows it,” Trump said in the Fri­day night inter­view. “It’s going to be that I got about 74 mil­lion votes, and I lost? It’s not possible.”

When Good­win asks if he’ll ever con­cede, Trump respond­ed: “We’ll see how it turns out.” he said at one point.




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