Trump Made Gains With Black and Hispanic Voters in 2020 Election

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CHICAGO—President Don­ald Trump won a larg­er share of both black and His­pan­ic votes than he did four years ago, accord­ing to nation­wide vot­er sur­veys and exit polls.

Esti­mates on how much he gained among these groups varies, as polling is impre­cise, but the polls agree that he gained. Edi­son Research esti­mates Trump’s share of black votes increased by four points, to 12 per­cent from 8 percent.

Accord­ing to Pew Research and Asso­ci­at­ed Press data, Trump gained 2 points among black vot­ers, ris­ing to 8 per­cent from 6 per­cent; and 7 points among His­pan­ic vot­ers, to 35 per­cent from 28 per­cent. The Epoch Times can­not attest to the accu­ra­cy of polls.
Matthew Jones, 31, of Chica­go is a black man who was raised as a lib­er­al Demo­c­rat but made the switch to sup­port Trump this year.
When Jones …


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