Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Receives Vile Rape Threats

Will Joe Biden call for “peace and uni­ty” now?

Jen­na Ellis, a legal advi­sor to Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump and senior legal advis­er to the Trump cam­paign, has received threats, late night phone calls from unfa­mil­iar num­bers, and pub­lic calls for her dis­bar­ment, she told Bre­it­bart News exclu­sive­ly Wednesday.

Via direct mes­sage (DM), Ellis told Bre­it­bart News that she had received “Hun­dreds of DMs and mes­sages etc threat­en­ing me.”

She added: “CNN reporter mes­saged today accus­ing me of my bar license being lapsed. Unknown num­ber has called my cell dozens of times between mid­night and 4am to blow up my phone and try to get through the DND [do not disturb].”

Ellis pro­vid­ed Bre­it­bart News with a screen grab of text mes­sages from an unknown per­son who attempt­ed to pro­voke her to respond, end­ing with: “You’re a f**king c**t. You’re the rea­son peo­ple despise human­i­ty. You deserved to be raped.”

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