Trump Expected To Make His First Visit Since Leaving Office

For­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump is expect­ed to make his first trip to New York City since leav­ing office in the com­ing days, Fox News confirmed.

The news comes as Trump has re-insert­ed him­self into nation­al pol­i­tics, includ­ing by deliv­er­ing a much-antic­i­pat­ed address at CPAC. As recent­ly as Fri­day, Trump slammed Pres­i­dent Biden for what he described as a “spi­ral­ing tsuna­mi” at the bor­der, as the admin­is­tra­tion faces a spike in migrant fam­i­lies and unac­com­pa­nied children.

Trump estab­lished an offi­cial post-pres­i­den­cy office in Palm Beach Coun­ty, Fla., to over­see his affairs after leav­ing office in Jan­u­ary. The born-and-bred New York­er announced in 2019 that he changed his per­ma­nent res­i­dence to Florida.


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