Trump Campaign Lawyers ‘Don’t Need Courts’ For Trump To Win

There’s mount­ing evi­dence of elec­tion fraud which many state courts through­out the coun­try of dis­miss­ing. Yet, Trump’s legal team is unwaivered for good rea­son. There’s a sol­id and assured process in place.

Town Hall reports Rudy Giu­liani isn’t dis­cour­aged by the recent string of fed­er­al appeals court loss­es because they don’t need courts.

The courts reject­ed law­suits from the Trump cam­paign in six key states — Ari­zona, Geor­gia, Michi­gan, Min­neso­ta, Neva­da and Wis­con­sin. Ari­zona became the most recent set­back on Fri­day when the state court threw out Ari­zona GOP chair­woman Kel­li Ward’s law­suit alleg­ing that bal­lots were switched from Pres­i­dent Trump to Joe Biden. But Giu­liani says they have a way to get around all of this.

“The sim­ple fact is, we don’t need courts,” the Trump lawyer said on Han­ni­ty Fri­day night. “The Unit­ed States Con­sti­tu­tion gives sole pow­er to the state leg­is­la­ture to decide pres­i­den­tial elections.”

He added: “In fact, if we go back to the Found­ing Fathers, they’d tell us we’re mak­ing a mis­take. This should be thrown right to the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives and to the Sen­ate in each state and they should hold hear­ings, they should have fac­tu­al deter­mi­na­tions and they should decide what the right vot­ing account is.”


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