Trump campaign attorney under protection after receiving threats of violence

An attor­ney work­ing for the Trump cam­paign has received threats against her and now has had to be placed under offi­cial protection.

On Wednes­day evening, Lin­da Kerns, based out of the city of Philadel­phia, has been work­ing on the case against the state alleg­ing var­i­ous instances of cor­rup­tion, and “has been the sub­ject of threats of harm, to the point at which the involve­ment of police and US Mar­shals has been nec­es­sary to pro­vide for her safe­ty,” accord­ing to offi­cial doc­u­ments filed.

The Penn­syl­va­nia firm of Porter, Wright, Mor­ris and Arthur has recent­ly with­drawn from the same case, despite legal advances, due to attacks by the Lin­coln Project, an anti-Trump group.

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