To Silence 19-Year-Old Overseas, CCP Tortures Parents in China

Nine­teen-year-old Wang Jingyu was sum­moned back to Chi­na from over­seas on Feb. 21 after he crit­i­cized the Chi­nese Com­mu­nist Par­ty (CCP) for under­re­port­ing Chi­nese deaths dur­ing the June 2020 Chi­na-India bor­der clash.

Bei­jing author­i­ties have since detained his par­ents, who live in south­west­ern China’s Chongqing, raid­ed their house, dis­missed them from their state-run com­pa­ny posi­tions, and assault­ed them, in an attempt to force Wang to stop talk­ing to over­seas media and go back to China.

On Feb. 27, Wang told The Epoch Times that he couldn’t reach his par­ents by phone and was threat­ened by police from Chongqing that they would do worse to his par­ents if he doesn’t go back.


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