They Forced Us To Vote Biden…

Susan could­n’t believe what she was hear­ing. Client after client, devel­op­men­tal­ly dis­abled per­son after devel­op­men­tal­ly dis­abled per­son all told the same sto­ry: Their vote was stolen from them.

Susan, a dis­abil­i­ty ser­vice coor­di­na­tor who works with devel­op­men­tal­ly dis­abled adults who live in var­i­ous assist­ed liv­ing facil­i­ties and group homes in and around Mil­wau­kee, says every one of her more than 20 clients told her that they were either pres­sured to vote for Demo­c­ra­t­ic can­di­date Joe Biden or had a vote cast for Biden before they ever had a chance to see their ballot.

“I haven’t been able to see them in per­son since March because of COVID, but we do Zoom calls reg­u­lar­ly,” said Susan, whose name has been changed to pro­tect her iden­ti­ty, as she fears reprisal for com­ing for­ward. “Right after the elec­tion, one of my clients said that he vot­ed for Biden but did­n’t want to.”

Susan was con­fused, so she asked him what he meant.

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