The U.S. Army’s New A4 Bradley Tank Variant Could Be Highly Lethal

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The A4 is an excel­lent stop-gap until the new Option­al­ly Manned Fight­ing Vehi­cle goes into ser­i­al production.
Despite being oper­a­tional now for decades, the U.S. Army’s Bradley Infantry Fight­ing vehi­cle lives to fight anoth­er day, as evi­denced by the con­tin­ued arrival of new­ly-upgrad­ed “A4” vari­ants of the plat­form intend­ed to bring new warfight­ing tech­nolo­gies to com­bat and help bridge the time gap until the Army’s new Option­al­ly Manned Fight­ing Vehi­cle infantry car­ri­er emerges in com­ing years.
BAE Sys­tems has now deliv­ered its sev­en­ty-fifth Bradley A4, a devel­op­ment which speaks to the continued …


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