The Temporary Collapse of Texas Is Foreshadowing the Total Collapse of the United States

We are get­ting a very short pre­view of what will even­tu­al­ly hap­pen to the Unit­ed States as a whole. America’s infra­struc­ture is aging and crum­bling. Our pow­er grids were nev­er intend­ed to sup­port so many peo­ple, our water sys­tems are a com­plete joke, and it has become utter­ly appar­ent that we would be com­plete­ly lost if a major long-term nation­al emer­gency ever struck. Texas has immense wealth and vast ener­gy resources, but now it is being called a “failed state”. If it can’t even han­dle a few days of cold weath­er, what is the rest of Amer­i­ca going to look like when things real­ly start to get chaot­ic in this country?


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