The Squad Says The Country Operates On Their Timeline

Joe Biden is not a leader, he’s just a place hold­er for “The Squad” to run the coun­try the way they want. If he becomes pres­i­dent, he will not actu­al­ly be in con­trol, it will be Kamala Har­ris and crew and they all know it and are treat­ing the sit­u­a­tion as such. Rep. Tlaib just proved this as she announced “we’re going to make sure the Biden admin­is­tra­tion moves on our time­line,” when it comes to their out­ra­geous Green New Deal — a bad deal for the country.

Any­one who vot­ed for Biden (the few real votes he received), actu­al­ly vot­ed for the fur­thest left poli­cies that are not only out­ra­geous­ly unpop­u­lar, but will dev­as­tate our nation.



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