NY Times Botches the Facts on Impeachment Trial

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By James D. Agres­tiFeb­ru­ary 17, 2021

The New York Times has pub­lished a “fact check“ by Lin­da Qui declar­ing that Don­ald Trump’s lawyers “made a num­ber of inac­cu­rate or mis­lead­ing claims” dur­ing the Sen­ate impeach­ment tri­al. In real­i­ty, much of the arti­cle con­sists of fla­grant false­hoods prop­a­gat­ed by Qui and the Times.
“Incit­ing Violence”
With regard to Trump’s speech on the day of the Capi­tol Hill riot, Trump attor­ney Michael van der Veen said: “Far from pro­mot­ing insur­rec­tion against the Unit­ed States, the president’s remarks explic­it­ly encour­aged those in atten­dance to exer­cise their rights peace­ful­ly and patriotically.”
That statement …


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