Kurt Schlichter: The GOP’s 2024 Race Will Be Brutal And It’s a Fight We Need to Have

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The GOP is in the midst of a civ­il war to deter­mine if it’s going to be the par­ty of nor­mal peo­ple who want free­dom and pros­per­i­ty, or return to being the par­ty of donor-suck­ling cor­po­rate shills care­ful­ly over­see­ing our country’s descent into ruin. My side is Option A, but there will be a 2024 can­di­date rep­re­sent­ing Option B. The can­di­date of Option B will even­tu­al­ly lose.Right now, the Option A side is cur­rent­ly regroup­ing. The Amer­i­ca First revolt against decades of per­for­ma­tive fail­ure by our lame GOPe is at a cross­roads, and the hope among the hopeless …


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