The ‘Build Back Better’ Disaster

On Friday, the House of Representatives passed their mammoth “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill, which is so dependent on creative accounting that even Enron’s accountants would have blushed. Back on November 1, Senator Joe Manchin warned that the proposal relied on “shell games” and “gimmicks.” Boy, was he right. Rather than heed Manchin’s warning, it seems like Speaker Nancy Pelosi took that warning as a challenge to stretch the rules of logic even further. 

If Senator Manchin is serious about passing a bill that is paid for, he should block the bill, and conservatives should point out these tricks so voters realize this bill breaks President Joe Biden’s pledge that his agenda won’t “cost a dime.” 

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found the bill as written would cost $367 billion over a decade, but its true cost is substantially more because Democrats are using permanent tax increases to finance temporary spending programs. What Democrats are doing is analogous to someone having a $24,000 budget for rent who instead of renting a place for $2,000 a month, splurges for the $3,000 place, runs out of money after 8 months, and ends up h …

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