Thats cute China, America put people and a flag on the moon last century…

The Chi­nese nation­al flag shines an even brighter red from moon, and from now on it will be a grand reminder for stargaz­ers from all over the world of the excite­ment and inspi­ra­tion we felt from Apol­lo mis­sions more than half a cen­tu­ry ago.

Hav­ing packed sam­ples of soil and rocks from the Earth­’s only nat­ur­al satel­lite with­in 19 hours after its smooth soft land­ing, the ascen­der of the Chi­nese space­craft using the lan­der as a launch pad, took off from the moon sur­face, accord­ing to the Chi­na Nation­al Space Admin­is­tra­tion Thurs­day evening.


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