Texas Clinics Have Seen a Massive Decline in Abortions Since ‘Heartbeat’ Law Took Effect

Clinics in Texas have seen a massive drop in abortions since S.B. 8, the state’s law prohibiting abortions after fetal heartbeat detection, took effect.In a report published by the Texas Tribune, abortion provider Whole Woman’s Health, which operates four locations in Texas, has been operating at 20 percent to 30 percent of their service levels compared to before Sept. 1, the day S.B. 8 took effect.Amy Hagstrom Miller, the president and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, told the Tribune that it is “eerie” and that pregnant women are “not even calling anymore.”“It’s just becoming eerie,” Miller said to the Tribune. “I think when people kind of know they’re seven or eight weeks pregnant or further pregnant, they’re not even calling anymore … a lot of folks are just, I think, going straight to calling Oklahoma and New Mexico …

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