Tehran fires up advanced centrifuges…

Iran has fired up advanced ura­ni­um cen­trifuges installed at its under­ground Natanz site a day after it emerged Don­ald Trump asked for options on attack­ing the facility.

Tehran is pump­ing nuclear fuel into high-tech IR-2m machines at Natanz, in con­tra­ven­tion of an inter­na­tion­al deal to only use first gen­er­a­tion IR‑1 machines, a UN report revealed today.

Trump held an Oval Office meet­ing last week where he was ‘talked out of’ launch­ing strikes on Iran after a pre­vi­ous UN report showed a mas­sive increase in nuclear stock­piles in breach of the Oba­ma-era pact which Trump aban­doned in 2018.


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