Ted Cruz Offers to Present Argument Before Supreme Court in Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit

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A Texas Mem­ber of Con­gress is intro­duc­ing leg­is­la­tion that requires coun­ties to ver­i­fy the accu­ra­cy of their vot­ing rolls and ensure any deceased indi­vid­u­als are removed as valid vot­ers. Amer­i­cans have ques­tioned elec­tion sys­tems that fail to account for the deaths of reg­is­tered vot­ers in the after­math of the 2020 elec­tion, enabling poten­tial fraud­sters to inter­cept and cast bal­lots in the name of cit­i­zens that have since died.

Babin’s leg­is­la­tion, the “You Must be Alive to Vote Act,” requires coun­ties to annu­al­ly cross-ref­er­ence their vot­er lists with the Social Secu­ri­ty Administration’s death records. Deceased indi­vid­u­als will be removed from the lists, elim­i­nat­ing the poten­tial of fraud.

“The right to vote is one of the most vital pil­lars of our democ­ra­cy, the foun­da­tions of which are elec­tion integri­ty and confidence …

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