TAXPAYERS GOT PLOWED: NY paid $12M per inch of snow plowed

Despite pal­try amounts of snow last win­ter, NYC tax­pay­ers real­ly got plowed.

The city paid rough­ly $12 mil­lion for every inch of snow pushed to the curb, new data shows — 12 times the amount the city laid out per inch in 2003.

But don’t only blame gov­ern­ment waste for the eye-pop­ping fig­ure — $57 mil­lion spent on 4.8 inch­es, tucked into an Inde­pen­dent Bud­get Office review.

Blame the mild weath­er, ana­lyst Daniel Huber told The Post.

“It didn’t snow very much,” he said, “and some of that mon­ey was spent on prep — just like every year — whether snow falls or not.”

Those fixed costs for the San­i­ta­tion Depart­ment run the gamut, accord­ing to Huber — from train­ing dri­vers to repair­ing plows to replen­ish­ing the salt supply.

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