‘Take Back Our Power:’ Netflix Releases Trailer for Kaepernick’s ‘Colin in Black & White’

The first trail­er for Col­in Kaepernick’s upcom­ing Net­flix series, Col­in in Black & White, has dropped. In the trail­er, Kaeper­nick says the sys­tem doesn’t always allow peo­ple to speak their “truth.”
“Life puts us on a path, some­times wind­ing. But always ours,” the nation­al anthem pro­test­er says at the out­set of the trailer.
“Believe in your path, and by doing that, we can become who we’re des­tined to be,” he adds, but not before the trail­er shows a white school teacher look­ing dis­ap­prov­ing­ly at a teenage Kaeper­nick as he walks in school sport­ing a corn­row hair­style. In anoth­er scene, a pret­ty young black woman walks up to a young Col­in, but she is quick­ly shooed off by a white girl and guy …


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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