Rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion shock some Grammy viewers with performance of raunchy song ‘WAP’

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Rap­pers Car­di B and Megan Thee Stallion’s per­for­mance of the raunchy song “WAP” dur­ing the Gram­my Awards drew con­cern from some social media com­menters, who said the song was too risque to show on net­work television.
“The left is fine with the dis­gust­ing per­for­mance Car­di B just gave at the Gram­mys but Dr. Seuss is too dan­ger­ous for our chil­dren?” Turn­ing Point USA’s Char­lie Kirk tweet­ed Sun­day evening. 

The left is fine with …

Black Lives Matter activists take stage at Grammys, demand ‘justice’ from Biden

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The Gram­my Awards fea­tured a Black Lives Mat­ter-focused per­for­mance, demand­ing “jus­tice” from Pres­i­dent Biden.
“It’s a state of emer­gency. It’s been a hell of a year. Hell for over 400 years. My peo­ple, it’s time we stand.” BLM activist Tami­ka D. Mal­lo­ry said dur­ing the per­for­mance of rap­per Lil Baby’s “The Big­ger Pic­ture” on Sun­day. “It’s time we demand the free­dom that this land promis­es. Pres­i­dent Biden, we demand jus­tice, equity, …

Lawmakers: Letting young Wyomingites hunt can help put more meat in the freezer

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Two pro­posed bills that enable younger Wyomin­gites to hunt, includ­ing those with ter­mi­nal ill­ness­es, have the sup­port of the Wyoming Wildlife Fed­er­a­tion (WWF).
House Bill 115 (HB115) would allow 11-year-olds to hunt if they turn 12 with­in the cal­en­dar year. House Bill 84 (HB84), the Nao­mi Hunt­ing Age Exemp­tion Act, would allow the state’s Game and Fish Com­mis­sion to waive the age restric­tion for chil­dren who are suf­fer­ing from a ter­mi­nal ill­ness. The House Trav­el Com­mit­tee has …

Georgia Republican leader says party’s post-election actions hurt election reform ‘credibility’

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The Repub­li­can lieu­tenant gov­er­nor of Geor­gia said his party’s ques­tion­ing of the 2020 elec­tion results hurts their “cred­i­bil­i­ty” when it comes to the lat­est push for reform.
In the after­math of the col­lec­tive skep­ti­cism from the Right regard­ing Pres­i­dent Biden’s Novem­ber vic­to­ry and the dozens of unsuc­cess­ful law­suits that fol­lowed, con­ser­v­a­tives in both state and fed­er­al leg­isla­tive bod­ies have pushed for stronger elec­tion secu­ri­ty, claim­ing that it’s the only way to restore public …

Three tragic incidents that underscore the severity of the border crisis

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A surge at the U.S.-Mexico bor­der has led to at least three high-pro­file inci­dents that under­score the sever­i­ty of the cri­sis as the Biden admin­is­tra­tion con­tin­ues to take heat from both sides of the aisle.
Those in Pres­i­dent Biden’s orbit admit­ted the sit­u­a­tion was an “emer­gency” on Fri­day, but oth­er top offi­cials, such as Home­land Secu­ri­ty Sec­re­tary Ale­jan­dro May­orkas, called the influx a “chal­lenge” rather than a crisis.
Cus­toms and Bor­der Pro­tec­tion on …

Bill Burr says feminists will go ‘nuts’ over his role at Grammys

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Bill Burr pre­dict­ed fem­i­nists won’t be pleased with his role as a pre­sen­ter at the 2021 Gram­my Awards.
The come­di­an made ref­er­ence to his sta­tus as a white male when pre­sent­ing awards in Latin music cat­e­gories on Sunday.
“The fem­i­nists are going nuts. Why is the cis-white male doing all this Lati­no stuff?” he said while pre­sent­ing best trop­i­cal Latin album, which was won by Grupo Niche.

No ‘national hero’: Trump misquoted in reports about Georgia call found in trash folder

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Ear­ly media accounts of a phone call between for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump and a top Geor­gia inves­ti­ga­tor con­tained false quotes, prompt­ing at least one major media out­let to issue a correction.
The Wall Street Jour­nal first pub­lished audio this week of the rough­ly six-minute call on Dec. 23 between Trump and Frances Wat­son, the chief inves­ti­ga­tor of the Geor­gia Sec­re­tary of State’s office, in which he urged her to look for fraud in mail-in ballots …

Denver schools put remote learning on ice and close for snow day

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Den­ver Pub­lic Schools is opt­ing not to snow on stu­dents’ parade, clos­ing down all schools on Mon­day due to severe win­ter weath­er despite the preva­lence of remote learn­ing dur­ing the coro­n­avirus pandemic.
The school sys­tem made the announce­ment to fam­i­lies on Sun­day after stu­dents threat­ened to revolt at the pos­si­bil­i­ty of can­cel­ing snow days.
“Mon­day will be a tra­di­tion­al snow day with no in-per­son or remote learn­ing,” the school sys­tem said. “If there is an …

Pennsylvania woman charged with creating ‘deepfake’ videos to harass daughter’s cheerleading rivals

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A Penn­syl­va­nia moth­er alleged­ly cre­at­ed “deep­fake” images of teenagers to sab­o­tage her daugh­ter’s cheer­lead­ing rivals.
Raf­faela Spone, a 50-year-old Bucks Coun­ty res­i­dent, is accused of anony­mous­ly send­ing at least three doc­tored pho­tos and videos of at least three cheer­lead­ers that depict­ed the girls “nude, drink­ing alco­hol, or vap­ing” to the team’s coach­es last year, accord­ing to an affi­davit for prob­a­ble cause pro­vid­ed to the Wash­ing­ton Exam­in­er by Bucks Coun­ty Dis­trict Attor­ney Matt Weintraub’s office. …

SCANDALOUS! Cuomo Just Caught Using COVID Vax As Weapon…

Larry Schwartz (left), head of the New York's COVID-19 vaccine rollout, called local officials to gauge their support for embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo


If it turns out he used this vac­cine mali­cious­ly as a weapon to tar­get his ene­mies he could be fac­ing seri­ous prison time.


New York’s “vac­cine czar” phoned coun­ty offi­cials to gauge sup­port for Andrew Cuo­mo, as the gov­er­nor faces grow­ing calls to resign amid sev­er­al sex­u­al harass­ment allegations.

Lar­ry Schwartz, leader of the state’s vac­cine roll­out and long­time advis­er and friend to Cuo­mo, acknowl­edged mak­ing the calls but said there was noth­ing uneth­i­cal about doing so, accord­ing to a report by the Wash­ing­ton Post.

At least one coun­ty exec­u­tive was said to be tak­en aback by the call when Schwartz made the ini­tial contact.

“At best, it was inap­pro­pri­ate,” the Demo­c­ra­t­ic coun­ty exec­u­tive, who want­ed to remain anony­mous, said. “At worst, it was clear­ly over the eth­i­cal line.”

The exec­u­tive expressed con­cerns that the coun­ty’s vac­cine sup­ply could be infringed in the absence of a pos­i­tive response to Schwartz’s inquiry. The exec­u­tive also filed notice of an impend­ing ethics com­plaint with the pub­lic integri­ty unit of the state attor­ney general’s office.


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