As Coronavirus Cases Continue to Spike, Sweden’s Pandemic Experiment Comes to an End

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Sweden’s Covid-19 exper­i­ment is over.After a late autumn surge in infec­tions led to ris­ing hos­pi­tal­iza­tions and deaths, the gov­ern­ment has aban­doned its attempt—unique among West­ern nations—to com­bat the pan­dem­ic through vol­un­tary mea­sures. Like oth­er Euro­peans, Swedes are now head­ing into the win­ter fac­ing restric­tions rang­ing from a ban on large gath­er­ings to curbs on alco­hol sales and school closures—all aimed at pre­vent­ing the country’s health sys­tem from being swamped by patients and cap­ping what is already among the high­est per capi­ta death tolls in the world.


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