Supreme Court Sides With Trump

The U.S. Supreme Court has halt­ed law­suits from Democ­rats that accused Don­ald Trump of vio­lat­ing the U.S. Constitution’s anti-cor­rup­tion pro­vi­sions by main­tain­ing own­er­ship of his busi­ness empire includ­ing a hotel near the White House while in office.

The jus­tices threw out low­er court rul­ings that had allowed the law­suits – one filed by the Dis­trict of Colum­bia and the state of Mary­land and the oth­er by plain­tiffs includ­ing a watch­dog group – to pro­ceed, while also declin­ing to hear Trump’s appeals of those decisions.

The jus­tices ordered the low­er courts to dis­miss the cas­es because they are now moot.

The plain­tiffs accused Trump of run­ning afoul of the Constitution’s “emol­u­ments” pro­vi­sions that bar pres­i­dents from accept­ing gifts or pay­ments from for­eign and state gov­ern­ments with­out con­gres­sion­al approval.


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