Super Woke Bowl LV May Double Down On Social And Racial Justice Ads

For­get lost pup­pies and hors­es, adult-like babies, and weird stunts involv­ing snack foods. Instead, this year’s Super Bowl ads will promi­nent­ly fea­ture social and racial jus­tice issues, along with Covid-19 mes­sages, accord­ing to a sports busi­ness trade report.

The NFL has already embraced such mes­sages, plac­ing “Black Lives Mat­ter” on play­er hel­mets and in end zones. Super Bowl LV will be tele­vised by CBS this year and played at Ray­mond James Sta­di­um in Tam­pa, Fla. on Feb. 7 if the league sched­ule is not adjust­ed by pan­dem­ic concerns.

“It’s going to be ‘Black Lives Mat­ter,’ it’s going to be COVID. It’s going to be [about] com­ing togeth­er,” said Bill Ober­lan­der, cofounder and exec­u­tive cre­ative direc­tor of the ad agency OBERLAND, speak­ing to Front Office Sports.


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