Sufficient Numbers To Change The Election

For­mer New York City May­or and Trump Attor­ney Rudy Giu­liani joined Steve Ban­non on The War Room on Mon­day to dis­cuss the lat­est devel­op­ments in Ari­zona and beyond.

Rudy did not dis­ap­point. America’s May­or said the fraud in Ari­zona is indis­putable. And then he added that the num­ber of fake bal­lots in Geor­gia and Penn­syl­va­nia is going to be huge.

Steve Ban­non: Mike Pence has flat­lined his polit­i­cal career. You stood tall in the breach. Tell us, giv­en where we start­ed, where we are today with this now explod­ing all over the coun­try, how do you think we’re doing and where do you think this heads?

Rudy Giu­liani: Well, I think Ari­zona is going to be, you can’t real­ly dis­pute it, the num­bers and the cat­e­gories are suf­fi­cient to real­ly change the elec­tion. I mean we’re talk­ing about at least 200,000, it’s prob­a­bly going to be more, ille­gal votes, clear­ly ille­gal. You got 60,000 or 70,000 that we always thought were there, pieces of paper, that are not offi­cial paper. That’s going to be true in Geor­gia. That’s going to be true big-time in Pennsylvania.


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