Stunning Photos Of World’s Most Isolated Tribe…

Life on one of the world’s most remote sets of islands, which are still only inhab­it­ed by its orig­i­nal trib­al set­tlers, has been cap­tured in a series of stun­ning photographs.

The ‘extreme­ly iso­lat­ed’ Mar­que­sas Islands are one of the world’s most untouched civil­i­sa­tions, with its inhab­i­tants bliss­ful­ly still rel­a­tive­ly unaf­fect­ed by the devel­oped world.

The islands are dot­ted in the mid­dle of the Pacif­ic Ocean, 1,400km (880 miles) from the near­est pop­u­lar tourist des­ti­na­tion of Tahi­ti, in French Polynesia.


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