Student-Loan Forgiveness Shifts Burden To The Working Class

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By Teri Christoph for RealClearEducation
In mid-Feb­ru­ary, new week­ly unem­ploy­ment claims rose to 861,000, a four-week high; so the last thing the coun­try needs is an addi­tion­al tax bur­den on work­ing families.
Yet Pres­i­dent Biden announced on Tues­day that he’d use his exec­u­tive pow­er to for­give bil­lions of dol­lars’ worth of fed­er­al stu­dent-loan debt.
Biden says that he’s “pre­pared to write off” $10,000 of indi­vid­ual debt for those with out­stand­ing fed­er­al stu­dent loans. 
If the admin­is­tra­tion gets its wish, low-income Amer­i­cans will be stuck pay­ing for the edu­ca­tions of the bet­ter off. This isn’t fair to those who work their way through col­lege or pay their loans down afterward.
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